ROSARIA by Susan Thaler


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Oh there's a rose in Spanish Harlem named Rosaria, our heroine in a maudlin melodrama of stereotypes and overwrought cliches. The sensitive girl (her eyes show it) suffers from her father's ""sense of inadequacy born of battered pride and humiliation, ""cracks when he deserts and joins her bitter brother's gang, is arrested for attempted robbery but...the Judge, the social worker and the English teacher are so kind, so understanding, that she is sentenced to a summer with Project Step-Ahead and a winter in high school. A small boy crying because he's the blackest in the Project breaks down her protective mask, a nice White liberal gets her heart, her father, returns. From a nice white liberal vantage point, a slumming Soap opera.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1967
Publisher: McKay