AGENCY HOUSE by Susan Yorks


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Report repeated from the January 1st bulletin, when scheduled for spring publication, as follows: ""This is Susan Yorke's second novel with a Malay setting, but it is an amateurish, not very believable tale of intrigue and not as successful as The Seduction. The plot is interesting enough and concerns the 'Hello Company' run by Sir Jason Pike, a big British Agency in Kuala Lumpur where most of the action occurs. Many of the Company's representatives are underpaid, and those on the rubber plantations must also deal with Communist infiltrators. Into this powerful organization, Jimmy and Linda Peng, poor Chinese twins who have done well in their own tourist agency, stumble:- Linda, because she is having an affair with Skate Hackett, the Company's Number Two man who wants to marry her; Jimmy because his success attracts the attention of the company men. For a brief time the Pengs are involved semi-socially with a number of important people in the area such as Pike's daughter, Corinna. Then the Communists, discovering the Pengs' connections, use them to gain entree into public buildings, bombs are planted, and the Pengs and Corinna held prisoner. But after their attempt to blow up the city is foiled, all the lovers plan to wed in a true comic opera ending. Unfortunately the personalities and relationships that control this plot are thin, and it seems a little mechanical.

Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Cudahy