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A BONE OF CONTENTION by Susanna Gregory


by Susanna Gregory

Pub Date: Nov. 11th, 1997
ISBN: 0-312-16792-X
Publisher: St. Martin's

 A second visit to the 14th century and Cambridge, England, once again focuses on physician-teacher Matthew Bartholomew and his friend Brother Michael, a Senior Proctor, both living at Michaelhouse, one of several competitive, quarrelsome college residences (An Unholy Alliance, 1996). This time out, though, there's something more menacing than intraschool rivalry. Some behind-the-scenes force is pitting townspeople against students- -inciting riots, killing in the streets, and more. Then Scots student James Menzie of David's Hostel is found dead, a precious ring missing from his finger. The ring's mate belongs to Dominica, daughter of Principal Lydgate of Godwinsson Hostel. Dominica is also soon to disappear, and a twin to the missing ring will be found on a hand dragged from the town's sewer system--a ditch--by Master Thorpe of Valence Marie house, and will be declared by him to be a sacred relic. All of this is but a tiny sample of the many violent confrontations; characters venal and benign; and plots and subplots that abound here in an undisciplined, unbelievable saga of vengeance sought against a whole town for a decades-old grievance. Patient students of medieval England may stay the course for the thoroughly researched background. Most other readers will be long gone.