FEELING AND FORM by Susanne Langer


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As a philospher in semantics and aesthetics, Susanne Langer has won a revolutionary name for herself bringing through her essays and books new thought to the fields. Feeling and Form is a sequel to the previous definitive work on semantics, Philosophy in a New Key, and takes as its premise the consideration of artistic creation for setting up a new logical vocabulary for the study of art. Contrary to established aestheticians, Miss Langer's solutions are not to be found in contemplating aesthetic values, but rather in a redefinition of symbolic forms which has its outcome in the statement that a work of art is an organic thing true to the artist's structure of experience and finding its life in the intuition- primarily in toto and then in reflection- of the observer. Her method, probing and exacting at all times, deals first with the art symbol. A long, vividly detailed treatment of the different arts themselves,- poetry, painting, drama, builds to the final problem posings and their answers are satisfying revitalized flowerings of a theory bedded in the very process of art. Schools and libraries note- this will get attention from philosophers and art critics as a serious work.

Pub Date: March 9th, 1953
Publisher: Scribner