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A Slide-and-Peek

by Suse MacDonald & illustrated by Suse MacDonald & developed by Auryn Inc.

Age Range: 1 - 3

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 2013
Publisher: Auryn

Voicing, small-scale animations and a matching game suit MacDonald’s 2008 abecedary to a T.

Realistically reproducing the original’s square pages with their slide-out cards, each screen of this digital version features a simple, brightly colored, graphic-style animal portrait based on a clearly recognizable capital letter. Beneath that is a “tab” that pulls out an image of the letter unadorned and that triggers a simple animation. Young viewers can hear both the animal’s name and the letter pronounced with taps, and they may either swipe to the next letter or choose it from a strip running below. The names do not appear in print, but aside from xenops (a type of South American bird), all of the animals are common (and real, except perhaps for the unicorn). A “Game” icon on the title page opens a screen on which children are invited to spell their names and then drag animal thumbnails to match the letters. 

Overall, a well-designed edition with extras that will appeal to diapered digerati. (iPad alphabet app. 1-3)