WAR IN THE PACIFIC by Sutherland Denlinger


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Every time the fleet appears in the Hudson, thousands a day swarm to visit the ships, many thousands more gape from the shores. The same thing probably happens wherever the fleet drops anchor. And rarely does anyone seem able to answer adequately the question of types of ships, whys and wherefores, life and routine. Here is a book which covers every aspect, external and internal, of Naval science -- analyzes the make-up of the fleet and why, describes the fleet in action -- whether in manoeuvres or in deadly earnest. Then comes the study of the Pacific vastness, the threat of Japan and why, the probable developments of a more than possible future war. The author is a journalist who specializes in the Navy. Lieutenant Commander Gary collaborated on the technical side of the book. A book for a double market -- those interested in our Navy as such; those fearful of the menace of a war with Japan. Beyond that -- limited interest.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1936
Publisher: McBride