ADVENTURE IN PERU by Sutherland Stark
Kirkus Star


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A well sustained series of excellent stories which familiarize readers with citizens of other lands, for without prejudice, even without mentioning political problems very strikingly, they convey a sympathy, an understanding for the ways and goals of other peoples. Many interesting things happen to these two lively Peruvian children, Miguel and Ana, which will be absorbing reading for boys and girls everywhere. These very real children have hobbies and tempers and moods, and they manage to be brave and curious without fantastic menaces. Miguel loved to take pictures and he used his camera well on the trip with his father who was doing a government report. The two children and their two fathers visit many points of interest -- the high, cold Andes, the Indians at a fair at Huancayo, the ancient Inca city of Cuzco, etc. Of tremendous general interest.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1948
Publisher: Messner