BIG JUMP FOR ROBIN by Suzanne Wilding


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A sequel to the popular Dream Pony for Robin, this new horse and girl story carries eleven-year-old Robin over some pretty stiff jumps. And in the process, her loyal readers will add considerably to their background knowledge of what is acceptable in pony care, grooming, schooling, jumping and fox-hunting, and showing. Robin took her first ""jump"" when she faced the fact that misfortune was a family proposition and that her share- self-imposed- was selling her loved pony, Snooks, to the arrogant newcomer in the community who wanted Snooks for his spoiled daughter, Janie. Though Robin got the summer job of working with Janie and Snooks, she found it tough to be a coach rather than an owner. Then came a major problem- Janie's brother, Willie, had a big pony, Goergetown, who needed schooling. Hesitant, Robin took on this job too -- came up against more difficulties in the ambitious owner of the big stables, and proved herself able to meet each issue as it came. While the progress of the plot is evident in advance, the subject matter and the handling are made to order for the horsey crowd of readers.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1965
Publisher: St. Martin's Press