FIT FOR LIFE by Suzy & Jeffrey Sussman Prudden


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A troublesome hodgepodge of facts and misconceptions, reasonable and dubious regimens. Prudden and Sussman insist on taking the Kraus-Weber test and easing into a fitness program; emphasize the importance of warming-up and suggest appropriate ways; and favor a combination of muscle-group exercises and all-over body exercise, especially jogging. They recommend several series of exercises for particular situations, often introduced by playful headings (Beauty Is in the Thigh of the Beholder), but they don't stress the fact that such exercises are supplementary rather than central or essential. They also endorse nearly every trendy form of body-beautiful method, even those unproven (Hatha Yoga as a tension reliever) or discredited as erroneous (massage for ""cellulite""). Of limited value--Rating the Exercises remains the best choice.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1978
Publisher: Macmillan