MY SHADOW AS I PASS by Sybil Bolitho


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Written as fiction, but cannot possibly stand on its own merits on that basis, and has a chance for a sale on the ground of its recreation of the life of William Bolitho, and particularly of his romance. The outpouring of a tremendous love -- overcharged with grief and taking this as a release in the months following his death. A series of flashbacks give a fine picture of Bolitho, and his adult eccentricities seem more understandable after reading of his childhood. The balance of the book is laundated with emotion, and seems to this reader to be too intimate in character for display to the vulgar populace. Possibly there is appeal to the audience that bought The Midst of Life by Mina Curtiss. But it is the sort of book that many will feel is over sentimental.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1934
Publisher: Viking