THE NIGHT VOYAGERS: You and Your Dreams by Sybil Leek

THE NIGHT VOYAGERS: You and Your Dreams

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Leek, venerable dowager among the younger occultists, begins to sound almost conservative -- she'll tell you, for example, that many people ""expect too much from a dream."" Explanations for your ""night voyages"" may be quite unmysterious. You dreamt of an owl? Did you by any chance see an owl in the zoo yesterday? Possibly your dreams are ""fantastic,"" especially if you believe that the soul leaves the body at night and goes off roaming at will. Or how about Freud's dream analyses? He was no dope, that Sigmund. Writers like Robert Louis Stevenson and even an unimaginative German clod like Bismarck learned a lot from their dreams. And so can you if you follow Sybil's easy dictionary of dream meanings. Did you dream of a whale? It means ""trouble with the law."" Warts? Despair not. ""Unexpected money will soon come your way."" Anchovies (anchovies?) well, they warn you that ""a great deal of suffering is in store for you."" Last night we dreamt of Sybil Leek. Is this a good omen?

Pub Date: March 1st, 1975
Publisher: Mason/Charter