MOON SIGNS by Sybil Leek


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According to astrologer Sybil Leek, the moon produces a force that helps to determine appearance, personality, and to a certain degree, fate. She claims that those responsible for the daily and monthly astrological forecasts have misrepresented astrology because of their indifference to moon signs (where your moon appears on your astrological chart). To substantiate her ideas, the author traces the moon's influence upon society throughout history. She contends that the great flood in Noah's time and the destruction of Atlantis were caused by the moon's journey from Leo, a fire sign, into Cancer, a water sign. She explains complicated facts with palpable illustrations to help put moon signs in their proper perspective. Included are moon sign personality descriptions and the names of public figures whose moon signs correspond to each, plus a guide to doing housework, to medical care, and of course, to sexual and emotional relationships. Unfortunately, her profiles omit the relation between one's sun and moon sign. But she may have still another book in the making.

Pub Date: Feb. 23rd, 1976
Publisher: Putnam