REINCARNATION: The Second Chance by Sybil Leek

REINCARNATION: The Second Chance

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Back in 1972, Sybil Leek wrote that ""astrology is my science, witchcraft is my religion, and writing is my profession"" (My Life in Astrology), apparently forgetting her real peak experience 20 years ago -- the ""joyous sight of a single witch hazel tree in bloom"" which became the symbol for her belief in renewal and reincarnation. Now with far greater spiritual and devotional faith than she ever applied to witchcraft, she takes a quick round the world tour of all the religions and the hopes they hold for that second chance, with karma, astrology and Atlantis thrown in and final ""Pearls of Wisdom"" extracted from anyone from Goethe to Dali. There is, however, for her less uplifted audience a chapter on true projections backward -- the child who spoke in the first person of King David or Sybil's own pre-incarnations in 12th dynasty Egypt or 30 B.C. Rome or 900 A.D. Yucatan. After all, everyone knows she's been around forever.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Stein & Day