DIARY OF A WITCH by Sybil Leek


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Probably the only witch approved by the BBC, Mrs. Leck is a very unusual character indeed. Born into one of the fine old first families of witchcraft, she had the mark and Granny took over a training that was to keep her out of school until the age of twelve. In the meantime, Dad taught her Yoga and the ways of all the more pedestrian religions and Mom worked on music and art appreciation. So she was prepared for school. . . the school was not prepared for her; a student who can astrally project herself into two classrooms at once messes up the rollcall. She ended up back with Granny who completed her training and got her initiated into the local coven. Later she ran off and joined a band of gypsies and resolved never to be lured into that old Black Magic. She emphasizes that witchcraft is an old religion and she is serious and dedicated to it, hoping for a revival of an interest in the occult as we move into the Aquarian Age. She talks about her many adventures (Uans Holzer fans will recognize her as his favorite trance medium) and about theories of reincarnation, etc. It's all quite jolly, particularly with her modernistic point of view: ""I collect Tarot Cards but I prefer to play bridge."" And who can argue with that?

Pub Date: May 23rd, 1968
Publisher: Prentice-Hall