THE FACES OF JUSTICE by Sybille Bedford


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This follows her recent report on The Trial of Dr. Adams (1959) in its inquiry into Western European Law courts, their legal systems, their differences, and contrasts to English Judicature. Starting with an ordinary English trial in Old Bailey, she notes the points of the accusatorial system which hounds but also protects; she follows various types of court procedures and summary justice; she provides a series of notes on other cases. In Germany she covers the case of Dr. Brach who killed an exhibitionist in Karlsruhe, and matrimonial trials in Munich, and watches the jury and bench decide on sentence and guilt. In Austria the jury alone, after conviction, joins the judge to deliberate on the sentence. The cantons of Switzerland operate individually and their concern is based on moral status, and labor cases and the rights to a fortune are recorded. The phases of litigation in France are centered around political matters and the accused Algerians face an oral examination before the lawyer appears for the defence (and only for defence). Of especial interest to court buffs, these international precis make vivid the fascinating means, ways and methods of the law, and give glimpses into the daily life of the courts. Other readers will be more than satisfied with her meticulous observation and lucid reportage.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster