LENGTHY by Syd- Illus. Hoff


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He's a dachshund,"" said the poor old lady who owned him. ""We doubt it,"" said the dachshunds. Lengthy was so long he could act as a clothesline or guard all corners of a house at once. When his poor old lady set out to make him a winter coat, he ran away to spare her the expense. He ran to a mansion, where he lived the life of Riley but a private room and personal servants palled. Striking out for home, he passed a bank being robbed and his hose-like length tripped the robbers. The police rewarded him and the poor old lady got bags and bags of loot. A comic book story in 4 comic strip colors by the well-known cartoonist.

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1964
Publisher: Putnam