MAYFLOWER MANNERS: Etiquette for Consenting Adults by Sydney Biddle & Ellis Weiner Barrows

MAYFLOWER MANNERS: Etiquette for Consenting Adults

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The Mayflower Madam teams with humor writer Weiner (Decade of the Year, 1987) to attempt an enlightened guide to sexual etiquette. Forget about the rather commonplace and only sporadically funny chapters on public behavior issues, such as how not to behave at the theater (""while at a rock concert it is appropriate to cry 'Rock and Roll!' at will, it is not appropriate at a musical comedy to shout 'Musical comedy!'"") and how to deal with coed sports. Sexual manners are what we're here for. For instance, the implications of condoms in plain view are discussed (they signal either ""I use these things so damn much I keep 'em handy all the time. That's how popular I am,"" or ""I make use of these items because I am, let me assure you, extremely sensitive to the possible dangers [to either partner] of unprotected intercourse in today's tragically disease-haunted society, so hey--wanna use one?""). Other observations: It's not polite to check out the contents of your host's medicine cabinet; a host should have a spare brand-new toothbrush for a new lover; it's awkward--but necessary--to talk to a prospective partner about AIDS (""I'm a little worried about you-know-what. . .have you been tested?""). Racier: tips on how to deal with an escort service (if you want to know whether sex is included in the quoted fee, ask ""Is tipping involved?""). Unlike many sex-advice-givers, Barrows addresses men as much as women, walking the very delicate line between humor and help. The result is that while the questions addressed are often interesting and relevant, the solutions are more ironic than useful. Still, a diverting novelty item.

Pub Date: Feb. 27th, 1989
Publisher: Doubleday