A MAJORITY OF ONE by Sydney F. Harris


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Moral nostrums for individual and civic failings. Advice on rearing children -- for example,- should they be allowed to eat dirt? Diatribes against such American follies as a love of ""bigness"" for bigness' sake. Proposal for an honest cigarette ad. Feuilletons on such subjects as the right of poor people to plunk down their last dollar on a TV set. Comments on teaching adolescents how to drive, and the compilation of epigrams. Harris has flashes of piety, psychological perception, metaphysical wonder; he is by turns gently belligerent, sweetly reasonable, self-righteous. Some will find in these unassorted ramblings and rodomontades a modern Ben Franklin, others a personification of the Reader's Digest, still others a domesticated Philip Wylie. Harris, at any rate, has a huge and varied fund of pithy phrases and wise-sounding philippics.

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 1957
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin