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MIX/MATCH HD by SyGem Software



developed by SyGem Software

Age Range: 2 - 4

Pub Date: April 5th, 2011
Publisher: SyGem Limited

A small number of images get the mix-n-match treatment in this digital equivalent of a split-page board book.

Lacking such amenities as an audio track, creator credits or even a title page, this no-frills app allows viewers to pair tops and bottoms of 12 painted, very simply rendered objects from a cake and a pot of geraniums to a truck, a pizza and a robot. A likewise splittable large-type text on the left side of each screen attempts to punch up the fun: “Wow! A very pretty […]” or “Choo! Choo! Let’s ride the […]” can be matched to “princess,” “spider,” “football” (soccer ball, which may cause some confusion in American toddlers not up on the Premier League) or some other option with a slide of the finger. The half-images are in a set order on their strips, so there is no randomizer option, which limits what fun the app offers. There isn't even any sort of animation or other touch-activated effect. Reviewed with a price of $2.99, this bare-bones diversion is way overpriced.

May spark moments of hilarity. (iPad board book. 2-4)