WESTERN TROUT by Syl MacDowell


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An excellent addition to the Borzoi Books for Sportsmen, in a study of our own western waters that does for them- in a chattier, more appealing way -- what Haig-Brown did for his waters of British Colombia, in The Western Angler (Morrow). The scope of this is much greater, covering as it does what he calls the ""nine trout states""-high waters and low- the six types of western trout, steelheads, goldens, and everything the ardent fisherman -- whether reading about it longingly at home, or planning to go and do likewise, will want to know. The waters (he has developed his own system of defining western waters, from fifty years' experience); the trout-identification, locale, how to fish each type; steelheads treated apart, with the ever-dramatic story of their life cycle; techniques; tackle- bait, spinner or fly -- and a chapter on fly lore simplified; theory and practice on weather, season, time of day, etc. There are practical and scientific angles; conservation angles; and plenty of personal anecdote.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1948
Publisher: Knopf