DEAD TO RITES by Sylvia Angus


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A very pale but not unpleasant imitation of an Agatha Christie: mild comedy, archaeological background (Mayan ruins), strict Christie-formula plotting, and a busybody sleuth called Mrs. Wagstaff, a fearless widow with massive bosom and a salty side--really more like Margaret Rutherford than Christie's wispy Miss Marple. Mrs. Wagstaff's Mexico bus tour is interrupted when the tour's resident Lolita is found drowned in a pool where the Mayans used to throw sacrificial virgins. Obvious suspect: the middle-aged husband who was being teased along by the girl. But he turns up laid across a Mayan statue with his heart cut out. A mad Mayan killer? Of course not, and the real culprit is chased up and down a pyramid by the gutsy Mrs. W. Not nearly enough twists, but only Angus' cutesy references to her own previous books are downright off-putting. Otherwise--tolerably light and airy.

Pub Date: Oct. 30th, 1978
Publisher: Crown