THUNDER STONE by Sylvia Copper


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Another doctor's dilemma proceeds from some rather scrupulous research (the six medical men to whom the book is dedicated have endorsed its accuracy) but never manages quite the same conviction in presenting Carl Sholto, an ophthalmologist of solid standing. A man of high conscience, the rewards of Dr. Sholto's professional success do not extend to his personal life; his marriage to Lilly, ""wringled and grey and adolescent"" is a deadspot and an only son has his own life to lead. Attracted to Leda, his nurse, Sholto is unwilling to lower himself to the level of an affair. And so it is, that for Nancy, a youngster, there are no personal considerations to hold him back on his chosen course. Unable to save her vision in one eye which has been damaged by a B. B. gun, and knowing that she will go blind if he cannot (and her parents oppose him) remove the damaged eye, he is ready to perform the operation which will cost him his career.... A drama of decision in which a man's courage is equal to his conscience, this thrives on its afflictions as well as convictions and is tremulous in tone.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster