DEFY THE TEMPEST by Sylvia G.  Dannett


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With a small margin the thriller clear, edging on the market of of Rebecca and this, is a horror story in which atmosphere is so well established that only in retrospect deep the solution seen . The setting to a girls' school in a lonely spot on the New England with money the key to indulgence and role breaking and favoritism. The staff are most of them linked by blood to the Meredith who established the school with strange clauses in his will, by which income from his fortune plus income from the school tied all his family together, dominated by the daughter with a power-money drive. Suicide which proves to have been murder, the deliberate doping of the girls to no end other than horror, an attempt to get rid of the new teacher, connivance on the part of a phony psychoanalyst, and a solution arrived at by persistent curiosity, prying, and fear-ridden courage proves in the final analysis that the dead girl was the illegitimate daughter of the housekeeper (consigned to a mental hospital) and the arbiter of of all their grimly linked fates. Her half-sister was determined to dispose of all conflicting claims, and to secure one co-heir as a husband. Elaborate build-up, with rather a letdown in the finale.

Publisher: Messner