THE CARE OF DEVILS by Sylvia Press


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. . . . riding on the fear which is whipped up by a government investigation and exercised only at the expense of the innocent- in illustrated through the story of Ellen Simon who for twelve years has been an effective agent in Washington, engaged in ""sensitive work"". She is summarily subjected to an interrogation by Ross Jamison of Security, and during the six to seven weeks which follow, her initial disbelief gives way to hopelessness as everything she says is discounted, parried, perverted. An old love affair is revived; a casual trip to Mexico and contacts there become sinister and suspect; her signature on a petition- years ago- is damaging; and her own breaking nerves, and spirit, affect the polygraph ( detection) session which closes the case against her. An appeal is useless- but her faith in herself and in her rights intact-she decides to fight back. . . . The clear and everpresent danger of this kind of panic and persecution provides a highly readable story- tense and partisan.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1958
Publisher: Beacon