THE FOUNTAINS by Sylvia Wallace


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The Fountains is a beauty spa for the very rich underprivileged women who turn up there with their imprimatured luggage, be it B, C, CD or G, to get rid of a little cellulite on their ""tummies"" and tone up their psyche. So it's ""Up with the buttercups"" and into their ""rosies"" (pink terrycloth rompers) with weight-watched meals, aspics and soufflÉs. But their real difficulties are not fleshy: Charlotte, 44, has been divorced but somehow compensates with a wonderful French escort who really will marry her, for love; then there's Elena with her postpartum abortion blues worsened by a lover's defection; or Drucilla who's discovered that her husband has a homosexual lover in Washington; or Gillian who gets a marvelous motel therapy with her shrink who makes a quick stop at The Fountains to give a talk on ""Vibrant Sexuality, etc., etc. Sylvia Wallace (Mrs. Irving) knows all about new wrinkles or unwrinkles like the zipper (you still may be left wondering what an ""acred penis"" is) but women haven't really changed at all. They've really nothing except a man on their mind and that's located well below those tummies.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1976
Publisher: Morrow