LOVE AFFAIR by Syrell Rogovin Leahy


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Here, from the author of Family Truths, a love story and ""New York novel"" about a 38-year-old Times columnist and a 22-year-old midwestern ingÉnue. Frankie Grant comes to New York from Ohio after release from some horror initially unnamed. She's nearly arrested with a group of hookers (""pussy posse""), but is saved by kindhearted reporter ""Mac"" MacIver. Mac takes Frankie home to his as-yet-unfurnished Village loft, which he moved into after his divorce from pretty but clinging Jeannie--who wants him back. He's got two teen-aged kids, Susannah and Eric, who are surprised when Frankie moves in with Dad on a permanent basis. Meanwhile, Mac tracks down a fellow reporter who disappeared years before; and Frankie works as an office temp, comes to grips with her 17-year-old brother's death (the trauma that propelled her into the steely jaws of NYC), and applies to college. Ultimately Mac learns that his reporter pal was killed by cops with whom Mac is also friendly--the reporter was on the trail of police corruption. Then: massive trauma for Mac who flirts with return to Jeannie. Frankie flees, but ends up having meaningful encounters with both Mac's children, who now accept her, and just as she's about to board a Greyhound for Ohio, Mac dashes up to tell her it's over with Jeannie, and Frankie's his one and only true love. . . Marred by lack of substance in the events of its characters' ""troubled"" pasts (who cares if Frankie's parents were married 7 months before her birth?). But evocatively ""New York"" and moderately touching.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1986
Publisher: Putnam