SEGREGATION AND DESEGREGATION: A Christian Approach by T. B. Maston


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Here we have another strong and constructive evaluation of segregation and desegreation from the Christian perspective, by the author of Christianity and World Issues. It begins with a study of the Supreme Court decision of May 17, 1954, and is followed by a chapter on the reactions to the decision of ministers, church groups, and denominational gatherings. Then careful consideration is given to the meaning of some of the words whose use generates more heat than light, through misunderstanding:- namely separation, segregation, desegregation, integration and inter-marriage. The approach to the subject is specifically Christian. The plea is for continued search for more light, and no pressure toward conformity except that pressure which comes from truth itself. Like Lincoln, our concern must be that we are on the Lord's side, in whose sight all men are brothers. For general reading, but especially by Christian laymen who want to bear a more effective Christian witness.

Pub Date: May 18th, 1959
Publisher: Macmillan