THE MASTER by T. H. White
Kirkus Star


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A fantasy adventure is based on Rockall, a granite peak in the north Atlantic, where the 12 year old twins, Nicky and Judy, and their mongrel bitch, Jokey, become the prisoners of the Master, who at 157, is ready to launch his long plotted scheme to conquer the world. Abandoned when their parents think them dead, Nicky and Judy are challenged by the Master's use of hypnosis and thought transference, and Nicky finds special favor when he is found to be non-suggestible, they spoil an attempt to murder the Master, they become part of more than one plot to try again, they see the first moves of world domination when he widens the range of his vibrator units, and it is Jokey who successfully puts an end to Operation Masterpiece. Fine detail, handsome seascapes, entertaining argufying, and literate enjoyment here.

Publisher: Putnam