PLANT HUNTERS IN THE ANDES by T. Harper oodspead


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A traveler's tale for the botanical minded, exciting if they sympathize with the ure of collecting, but scarcely $5.00 worth for the general customer. A party of search the West Coast of South America for rare species of Nicotiana; they van issue lesso a push on a high cliff to bring it back alive. The Chilean and Peruvian highlands are background for the quest, and they are sketched with an eye for the droll and picturesque which gives the book a quiet charm. Difficult to classify, as it is not a scientific treatise, in spite of considerable technical material; it is not a travel book; it is not a garden book. Professor Goodspeed seems to have taken his college lecture platform manner into Andean wilds -- one senses this in the way he writes. The result is less good reading than Fairchild's The World Was My Garden, but it should have somewhat that audience, in lesser degree.

Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart