Evidences for God and His Creations: Nature, the Flood, and the Bible by T. J. Tofflemire

Evidences for God and His Creations: Nature, the Flood, and the Bible

Nature, the Flood, and the Bible: A Summary Apologetics Book Assembling a Puzzle
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Part defense of creationist beliefs, part guidebook for persuading the unbeliever.

Is the Bible to be taken as a literal account of human history or as a collection of fables and allegories? Did God create the universe? Is the Earth thousands of years old or billions? Defending the Bible as an undisputed source of scientific truth and historical accuracy, debut author Tofflemire attempts to answer these and similar questions. Beginning with an investigation of truth itself and reflections on a collection of famous philosophers, the author goes on to defend biblical beliefs ranging from the occurrence of a great flood to the existence of an intelligent designer in charge of it all. Citing a variety of authors with similar viewpoints as well as famous quotes from stalwarts such as C.S. Lewis, a condensed web is woven made up of truth found in the Bible and, subsequently, the valid set of distinctly Christian morals. These morals, the author argues, are necessary to halt the decay of society and truth as a whole: “The rise of pluralism and of tolerance of all views has caused a decrease in the respect of clear truth and increase in the belief of moral relativism.” The book is most sober when discussing the limitations of genetic mutations and other difficulties in evolution, though the work frequently gives way to incendiary language: e.g., “Neither [Judaism or Islam] has the abundance of miracles found true, that Christianity does.” Mentions of Darwin lend themselves to mentions of Hitler and Nazi Germany. But is questioning the infallibility of the Bible and the Judeo-Christian tradition, à la Friedrich Nietzsche, really akin to Nazism? While such loaded language may help to rally members of the creationist base, it seems unlikely to help aid a Christian message of love and salvation. Though commendable for mentions of a wide array of philosophers (e.g., Soren Kierkegaard and Blaise Pascal), attacks on seemingly less divisive figures (e.g., Aldous Huxley and Carl Sagan) tend to diminish the author’s goals of persuasion.

A digestible account of creationist beliefs peppered with distracting, incendiary comparisons with opposing viewpoints.

Pub Date: July 21st, 2011
ISBN: 978-1463427009
Page count: 222pp
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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