THAT WILLIAMS BOY by T. Morris Longstreth


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Many problems beset 17 year old Howdy Williams, boy from Gullsboro, Maine, and this is the story of how he meets and solves each one. His sensitivity, intelligence, and love for music make more credible the rumor that he is not the true son of Mom and Pop Williams. Beautiful Boston bred Jean Cole is the prime object of his affection but how can he win her with wealthy Brahd Slever as his competition? Yet through the many experiences and adventures Howdy and Jean participate in and through the sound advice of friend George, background and status appear to diminish in importance. Thus a surprise is in store at the end when Howdy discovers his true heritage of wealth and breeding. The story reflects unresolved conflicting values on the part of the author, sometimes emphasizing individual worth, but ultimately subtly stressing the effect of heredity, the glow of ""class"".

Pub Date: March 13th, 1961
Publisher: Macmillan