BULL SESSION by T. Morris Longstreth


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Colt Muir was backed by Headmaster Hartnung as candidate for president of the student body in an attempt to weaken the power of Vance Draper, a slick student who was violating rules at Ironwood prep school by importing cigarettes, cards, etc., from an off-limits local cafe. The conflict between the two factions jeopardized the integrity of Savey Miller, a shy and hitherto incorruptible boy who temporarily becomes Vance's pawn in the struggle. Before resolution of good versus evil gangsters converge on the campus. Ultimately right triumphs but interest is not sustained throughout. The maneuvers and machinations -- with Vance's henchman listening in on headphones to faculty meetings --seem melodramatic and a little improbable.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1958
Publisher: Macmillan