COMEBACK CATCHER by T. Morris Longstreth


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Jim McNail, the eldest son of a Pennsylvania farmer, had a driving ambition; he wanted to attend the private school on the slick side of Ironwood village. Why? Because he wanted to play baseball there. At 17 he had earned almost enough money to repeat his senior year on the baseball team. Then the big blow came. Ironwood was impressed by his well-defined jaw, but it was against rules to accept someone for only one year (apparently Jim never thought to read up on the rules). He quickly recovered from the shock of not being accepted at the State University and was determined to build his own team which would be good enough to beat Ironwood. After heavy training in Florida, the team won its games, but then lost to Ironwood. Jim got his just desserts though, the school knew his qualities and how he had learned from his bitter defeats, and indicated a blissful career for life as athletic director. The book offers some slight insight into smalltown ball, but the action scenes are mediocre, and the wordy character portrayals are earnest but quite unconvincing.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1965
Publisher: Dodd, Mead