ELEPHANT TOAST by T. Morris Longstreth


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A ""hilarious"", rather unbelievable summer at a boys' camp, Chesunquoik, in Maine's north woods. Complete with a Quiz Kid, a bunch of boys, Murdo, Stringy, Downey, Keets (""not Keats""), Quizzy and Blister, (Keets is the hero) and their counselors, find themselves rather stranded when a Canadian contingent telegraphs it is unable to come. But the lack is supplemented by the arrival of an elephant and her Hindoo keeper, squabbles with nearby lake dwellers, the camp cook's excellent cooking. Keets' story is told in the first person and in a vein of humor that is not too thick-a step but not much more, up from the comic book level towards sophistication. In spite of the lack of logic there are some hearty laughs and some new twists to the old camp experiences.

Pub Date: March 4th, 1952
Publisher: Macmillan