THE SOUND WAGON by T. S. Stribling


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A completely new type of novel for the author of The Store, etc. -- a satiric novel of modern boss ruled politics, with the central character a naive citizen duped into serving as a tool for ""the interests"" of a large Eastern city. The first three quarters of the book are frankly written with tongue in cheek -- and not many shreds of right doing are left to the powers that control the working of gang rule. The last quarter gathers momentum and resolves itself' into melodrama with kidnapping, white slavery and murder to the fore. There is better writing, tighter construction than have characterized some of Stribling's earlier work -- but from the point of view of characterization the book doesn't quite measure up. The market is definitely that of the new Sinclair Lewis -- though the subject is not so challenging in its sense of pre-vision. A new Stribling -- on this date -- should be a good bet for post-holiday sales. Count on for publisher backing.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran