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GOLD  by Talia Vance


From the Bandia series, volume 2

by Talia Vance

Age Range: 14 - 18

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7387-3471-2
Publisher: Flux

After the climactic battles that ended Silver (2012), teen bandia Brianna Paxton heads to rural Ireland but finds she can escape neither her destiny nor her many pursuers.

There are a variety of supernatural orders and creatures involved in what becomes a push toward a new fight. Most—Sons of Killian, giolla, gods, Milesians, bandia—were introduced in the previous volume, but with few reminders as to what each group wants and what their powers may be, readers have a lot of work to do keeping track. The central figures here are Brianna, who narrates, and Austin, the god Brianna banished to the underworld at the end of the previous volume. Brianna is staying in Austin’s castle home to hide from the Sons of Killian when Austin mysteriously returns as a mortal. With the additions of some time travel, a dangerous god, a new bandia and the discovery that both Austin and Brianna are losing their powers, the story moves forward dramatically, even if the rules of magic and time travel aren’t entirely clear. Where the book shines is in the smoldering will-they-won’t-they exchanges between Brianna and Austin, whose chemistry is intense despite Austin’s having been both a god and an enemy.

Light on worldbuilding but full of steamy romance. (Fantasy. 14-18)