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The perils of a power failure come home to Lazy Pumpkinhead in this slapstick sermon. Lazy Tommy lives in an electric house: he is awakened by an electric bed, bathed by an electric bathtub, dressed and fed by electric machines. His only activity is the BIG CLIMB up to his electric bed again. When the wires go down and his bed fails to go up, Tommy sleeps. He sleeps for seven days and seven nights, and when the current comes on again, everything goes haywire. Dumped in seven days' cold water, he jumps out and falls upside down. The toothbrush tickles his toes, his sailor suit falls on his legs, and the eating machine starts to feed his feet. Seven days' breakfast soaks him until he wiggles out of his harness and sits down on the floor. ""How did I get myself in this mess?"" he says to himself, ""I really must turn over a new leaf before it is...THE END."" Lazy Tommy somehow seems to resemble Struwwelpeter, and he's not likely to get much sympathy for his sufferings. It's a pie-in-the-face put down, a disappointment from a distinguished author-illustrator.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1966
Publisher: Harper & Row