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LUCKY'S LADY by Tami Hoag


by Tami Hoag

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1992
ISBN: 0553587188
Publisher: Doubleday

Second hardcover romance (Magic, 1990—not reviewed) from veteran author Hoag—a steamy, modern romance set in the Louisiana bayou country. When Serena Sheridan leaves her psychotherapy practice in Charleston and returns home for a vacation, she finds that her twin sister is planning to sell the family estate to an oil company as a way of financing her husband's political career and that her grandfather has retreated into the swamp in protest. Serena hires Lucky Doucet—a devastatingly handsome Cajun (she thinks of him as "a devil on steroids")—to help her find the old man. Though at first put off by his macho manner, Serena succumbs quickly to Lucky's prowess in the bedroom. But great sex does not a relationship make; Lucky's troubled and bitter past keep him from offering Serena anything more than his magnificent body. Meanwhile, Serena becomes more deeply embroiled in her own sea of troubles, which include dealing with her willful grandfather, an unscrupulous representative from the oil company, and the seething resentment of her sister. The plot culminates in an attempt on Serena's life—engineered by her brother-in-law—from which Lucky rescues her in the nick. Lots of sex, just the right amount of suspense, and a sassy, crackling prose style—in a romance that should more than satisfy devotees of the genre.