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Sculpt the Body—Train the Mind

by Tammy Wise

Pub Date: Nov. 26th, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-982209-46-9
Publisher: BalboaPress

A debut manual offers a perspective on fitness that incorporates meditation, awareness, and energy patterns.

From the very beginning, Wise sets her book apart from other works by fitness experts by focusing on the “BodyLogos story,” which the author describes as the gift of “total alignment.” Throughout the title, Wise sets out to show readers how to reach this goal through a practice regimen that builds awareness of breathing, the mind, and the body. Steering readers through different workouts, she explains the spiritual and psychological significance of each part of the body. With exercises and in-depth explanations, the author teaches readers how to target various muscles. For example, she explains that many smaller muscles and joints typically interfere with a biceps exercise. Removing the effect of these elements can be “helpful” for understanding “what an isolated biceps contraction feels like.” Skillful graphics by debut illustrator Elefante and concise text boxes help instruct readers on performing an exercise with perfect awareness of a specific muscle. The book’s effective design, which includes photographs by Sanders (Chino, 2011, etc.), offers logistical advice about each exercise, along with spiritual guidance. The volume encourages readers to practice meditation and mindfulness and channel gratitude and compassion. Perhaps one of the most compelling sections discusses anger, an important concept for anyone facing physical challenges. “You can identify resistance to genuine emotion by recognizing whether you are opposing or ignoring your experience,” Wise explains. “When you are in resistance to having an experience, you are in judgment of the experience.” These thoughtful passages throughout the book make the title more than just a useful addition to the fitness and health genre. The volume provides readers with valuable tips on promoting inner development and bolstering the mind.

A captivating, successful, and well-illustrated guide to strengthening the mind and body.