LIKE A RIVER OF LIONS by Tana de Games


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A mixed novel deals partly with the entertainment world, and partly with Spanish and Jewish fighters for freedom. Fredricio is a boy in Spain, during the Revolution, and at 18 he becomes the lover of Maria, a beautiful and famous dancer and Republican. She is shot Fredricio kills her executioner, leaves the Army and escapes to America where eventually he becomes a concert flamenco guitarist. He again falls in love, with a Spanish Jewess, who is secretly involved in helping other Jews to reach safety. Meanwhile the head of the agency which has signed Fredricio attempts to get Fred away from Mercedes (he is a homosexual) and, failing, puts the immigration authorities on his trail. Fred is also tormented by his suspicions of Mercedes, but finally, after his big, successful concert, discovers her secret and sets off to Israel to fight on her behalf.... Much of this political background is interesting, and no, basically, is the attraction between two dedicated underground fighters. So are many of the racy sex scenes. But the characters, particularly those in the entertainment world, tend to pose, name drop, and be cute even when they are supposed to be most real. Their artificiality flavors too much - of the story, and may irritate serious readers though its surface energy is pleasant.

Publisher: New York Graphic Society