FIRE IN THE SKY by Tariston Collier


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Long, realistic-sentimental lifespan of a woman, of her rise to comfort from a sharecropper's shack in Georgia, of a lifetime of solid work and enduring love for her mother, her husband, and her child. It's not a good book in many ways; it's loosely, and excessively wordy; the characters, for all the attention they get, have no strong hold on the reader; and the pace is often lost in the profusion of the semi-stream of consciousness narration. But it has more than its share of graphic detail, as it panoramas America through the life of Lolly. Lolly, steadfast, gallant, born to filth and poverty, orphaned at twelve, marrying at sixteen, only to lose her husband soon after the birth of her child. Stranded, for a time, the rest of her life is spent in struggling for herself, and Lit, the baby. She goes into hotel work -- eventually after many years, and many changes, establishing herself -- only to lose Lit who falls in love. Full, substantial, but I query its wide marketability.

Pub Date: Aug. 26th, 1941
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin