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I REALLY LOVE YOU by Tatsuya Miyanishi


From the Tyrannosaurus series

by Tatsuya Miyanishi ; illustrated by Tatsuya Miyanishi ; translated by Mariko Shii Gharbi

Pub Date: July 1st, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-940842-26-4
Publisher: Museyon

Miyanishi’s Tyrannosaurus discovers real love is communicated through actions rather than words.

It’s winter, and the Tyrannosaurus shivers with cold and aches with hunger. Unfurling its wings, a Tapejara offers to lead the Tyrannosaurus to a green forest beyond the mountains with plenty of food. During the arduous journey, the Tyrannosaurs falls, and the flying reptile encourages him on. But when the Tyrannosaurs looks dead, the tricky Tapejara reveals its scheme and tries to eat him. Flinging the Tapejara away, the Tyrannosaurs stumbles into the forest and meets three small Homalocephales who speak a different language (represented as English words written backward). When the mighty sauropod collapses again, they come to his rescue and bring him food until he is well. The Tyrannosaurus and the three Homalocephales form a parent-child–like relationship. He even tries to teach them his language, which leads to a terrible misunderstanding with another dinosaur. Miyanishi’s trademark bold lines and colors capture the sounds, landscape, and emotions that the Tyrannosaurus experiences in this sixth book of the Japanese series. Addressing contemporary issues of sacrifice, friendship, and vulnerability through these prehistoric creatures, the book teaches readers that love can overcome barriers and differences. The humanness of the dinosaurs illuminates the power and strength the “language of the heart” can have.

A fun, heartfelt story you’ll really love.

(Picture book. 4-8)