RAISING INDIGO by Tawney S. Sankey


Book One of the Awakening the Torchbearers Series
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A young girl with healing powers must discover her inner strength to defend her loved ones and protect against the forces of darkness.

Indigo Lightner feels out of place and misunderstood, even more so than the typical middle school student—because she is far from typical. She feels at peace among the trees and has the ability to absorb their positive energy. She can heal by touch, and based on the color of light she sees around other people, she can sense their moods and feelings. Her mother scolds her for strange behavior and her fellow students make fun of her, but Indigo learns something amazing one day at school. Her neighbor Dayton Smith speaks up against a boy who is bullying Indigo and whose negative energy causes Indigo overwhelming distress. Dayton then recognizes Indigo’s power. He tells her that he also can read minds and speak telepathically, but most importantly, he knows that they have a much larger role to play. Indigo and Dayton ride their magic Gris Gris travel devices to the divine land of Mictlan and meet other powerful youths from different parts of the world. Meanwhile, the lizard people gather beneath Earth’s surface and plot their destruction. Indigo’s challenge becomes not only to accept her role as leader of the young warriors, but to also defend her family and friends from the violence King Azeel threatens. The division between good and evil is very straightforward, and Indigo is helped along her journey by some interesting secondary characters, including a fairy and her own grandmother, who has a secret past tied to Mictlan. While Indigo balks at assuming a leadership position and fighting terrifying creatures of darkness, she’s portrayed sympathetically and realistically. Though the novel maintains swift pacing, along with heightened action and tension, unfortunately, the last scene ends in a rush. Readers will surely wish for just one additional chapter to provide a resolution.

A familiar tale of good versus evil with some imaginative elements and a sympathetic young heroine.

Pub Date: May 30th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1452550107
Page count: 266pp
Program: Kirkus Indie
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