THE BOOKIE by Tax Maule
Kirkus Star


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With an outstanding college football record to his credit, Brad Thomas was one of the best quarterbacks available and he knew it; he hoped to sign with the top National League team. But the last-place-Rams automatically had first choice of Rookie players, and Brad was selected on the Club's first draft. His disappointment and his accurate but arrogant appraisal of his own gridiron abilities did not endear the newcomer to Club veterans, who resolve to cut him down to size. Their methods are rough and effective; Brad is metamorphosed from a flashy loner to an accepted and competent team leader. The familiar theme is strictly a vehicle for some of the most absorbing football scenes written for teens, a wealth of professional training details, realistic locker-room scenes and crisp dialogue are well above average. For 13 to 15-year-olds too.

Publisher: McKay