THE ROMANCE OF ATLANTIS by Taylor & Jess Stearn Caldwell


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As thou knowest"" Jess Stearn recorded the many lives -- reincarnations incarnate -- of Mrs. Caldwell in The Search for a Soul. Now, with the help of other frequencies (he lives in California; she lives in Buffalo) he has made available her very first book which she wrote at the age of twelve, a la Joan Grant's Winged Pharoah. ""She had borrowed from the past, not knowing herself how"" but she also seems to be filching from a future of atom-splitting, radiation and the nuclear race then engaged in between the island of Atlantis and its more vigorous rival, Althrusti. Excellingly beautiful is Salustra, the Empress of Atlantis, as she tries to fend off not only the submergence of her island but also her own corporal self by the Althrustian Signar until the pink sunset end when together they sail away ""into a new dawn"" into a ""new world."". . . Another Greatest Story Ever Told -- dost to dost.

Pub Date: Feb. 10th, 1974
Publisher: Morrow