DEEP PURPLE by Ted Allbeury


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Moles on both sides of the disintegrating iron curtain are threatened when a Soviet spy seeks asylum in Thatcherian England. Allbeury's long list includes The Judas Factor, The Lantern Network, and All Our Tomorrows. Glasnost and perestroika have modified rather than eliminated the conventions and niceties of international espionage in Allbeury's post-Gorbachev world. Moles remain in place, and nations continue to be vitally interested in knowing each other's secrets--so numerous alarms go off in Moscow, London, and Washington when a Soviet gentleman who claims to have controlled the Walker family as they stripped away the US Navy's technological advantage turns himself in to the British. One of agent Yakunin's bargaining chips in the search for a safe life in the West is his claim to know the identity of a highly placed traitor in British intelligence--and Eddie Hoggart is the man responsible for prying everything of value out of Yakunin's memory. But Eddie's attention to the job is strained by the breakup of his marriage to Jacqui, a sad little ex-tart. Jacqui has flown to one of her former underworld protectors--one who carries his murderous pursuit of Hoggart into the highly secret center of British spy machinery. Allbeury in top form. The treacheries are believable, and the bleak little romance is a heartbreaker.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1990
ISBN: 0892964014
Publisher: Mysterious Press--dist. by Ballantine