THE RAINBOW MAN by Ted Pollock


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Zero-population growth threatens Utah--in a mildly entertaining comic-strip spy concoction. The Russians secretly kill (in fake ""accidents"") the only doctor, druggist, biology teacher, and dairy farmer in Dalton, Utah, and these folks are quietly replaced with spy substitutes. Why? Because Dalton is a Mormon town, absolutely clean-living and healthy, perfect for the Soviet plan to introduce an agent (called Zeta) into the town's milk supply and thus promote zero population growth. If successful, the secret use of Zeta will spread, and the total population of the U.S. be wiped out within a century. But!--if the U.S. can get its own supply of Zeta, the threat of a counterattack will stop the experiment at Dalton and deep-freeze this bio-war. In a race against time, James Knight, our greatest secret agent, known as ""Rainbow,"" sets out to ""kidnap"" Beshlenkov, the Soviet scientist who masterminded the production of Zeta. With this willing defector in our pocket, we will have nothing to fear. Knight, a master of disguise, former actor, and superb knifethrower, steals Beshlenkov from a scientific congress in Vienna--but is it the real Beshlenkov? Fairly imaginative nonsense in the James Bond tradition--but it may be just too silly for most tastes.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1979
Publisher: McGraw-Hill