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A GUIDE TO NATURE PROJECTS by Ted S. Pettit Kirkus Star



Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1966
Publisher: Norton

The author, Director of Conservation for the Boy Scouts, has been a teacher of natural history and he has transferred his teaching skill to paper. Organized into sections by subject (e.g., weather, geology, animal life, botany, etc.) he outlines series of projects suited to both individual or group pursuit. His stated purpose was to include suggestions that are "". . . informative, inexpensive, and intriguing,"" on which to base experiments. Compared to other books outlining projects and programs in natural history, Mr. Pettit has done very well by his ultimate readership. Rather than assuming the initial interest of the scouts and students who will turn to this book for help, he has provided introductory discussions of each major subject area included. These spur both interest and curiosity, an important point in supplying the indecisive or less well motivated project hunters. The information throughout is detailed, but the writing doesn't get lost in it. The book deserves a merit badge and should help win some.