NICK THE GREEK by Ted. Thackry


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Nick the Greek was probably the last of the high rollers. In his sixty-year career he had ""won and lost more than $5,000,000; gone from rags to riches and back to rags again seventy-three separate times; and on one occasion actually had time to count and be astounded by a single winning score of $50,000,000."" He won the highest bet in the history of poker; he broke the bank at Monte Carlo three times in eleven hours and he almost won Egypt from Sultan Fuad I, the pasha with a passion for gambling. His friends ranged from the Prince of Wales to Buggsy Siegel. But probably his most unusual buddy was ""Little Al from Princeton-controls a lot of the action around Jersey City"". . . Albert Einstein. Nick, an ex-philosophy student and part-time poet, could have been a mathematician. He knew the odds and it's eight to one that anyone Vegas-bound will do a lot better if they've picked up this little winner first. Because this includes the Greek's system--from blackjack to baccarat as he tells how to play it and when to cool it, and what to play (stay away from U.S. roulette-you might as well be playing Russian). It's a high stakes story. . . give Nick the Greek a big hand.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1968
Publisher: Rand McNally