Teen Book Reviews (page 3)

MR. FAHRENHEIT by T. Michael Martin
Released: April 19, 2016

"Undercooked. (Science fiction. 12-16)"
Teens on the cusp of leaving their sleepy town shoot down a flying saucer. Read full book review >
THE 13TH CONTINUUM by Jennifer Brody
Released: April 19, 2016

"Derivative and half-baked. (Science fiction. 12-17)"
A teenager discovers something very wrong in her post-apocalyptic deep-sea colony. Read full book review >

FLAMECASTER by Cinda Williams Chima
Released: April 19, 2016

"A welcome return for loyal fans and a splendid jumping-on point for new ones. Both will be panting for the next installment. (Fantasy. 12 & up)"
Chima revisits the Seven Realms for the next generation of warfare, intrigue, romance, and magic. Read full book review >
#STATIC by Eric Laster
Released: April 19, 2016

"The posthumous bond formed between the brothers is touching and the mystery a genuine surprise, but too much of the humor falls flat, unnecessarily distancing readers from the tale.(Paranormal mystery. 14-18)"
Curtis receives phone calls from his recently deceased older brother that make him suspect his death may not have been accidental. Read full book review >
Released: April 19, 2016

"The operative word in the title is neither 'History' nor 'Tattoos' (but there are plenty of the latter on view). (Satire. 14 & up)"
A gonzo view of tats through the ages: mostly British, frequently profane, replete with extravagantly inked caricatures. Read full book review >

THE LIE TREE by Frances Hardinge
Released: April 19, 2016

"Thematically rich, stylistically impressive, absolutely unforgettable. (Historical fantasy/horror. 12 & up)"
Mystery, magic, religion, and feminism swirl together in Hardinge's latest heady concoction, set amid the scientific ferment following the publication of The Origin of Species. Read full book review >
Addicted To Love by Kathleen Murray
Released: April 18, 2016

"A trauma-filled book that misses the mark due to a frustrating lack of resolution."
In her debut novel, Murray chronicles the troubled life of a baby boomer who faces relentless travails, including sexual abuse and an unplanned teen pregnancy. Read full book review >
Released: April 15, 2016

"A bit unfocused but unusual of theme and gratifyingly broad of both historical and geographical scope. (bibliography, source notes, index) (Nonfiction. 11-14)"
Ten tales of wartime peril and heroism during huge storms, amid trackless mountains, and in the face of other natural barriers and disasters. Read full book review >
LOVE & GELATO by Jenna Evans Welch
Released: April 12, 2016

"Seasoned with luscious descriptions of Renaissance architecture and Italian food, a sure bet for fans of romance fiction and armchair travel. (Fiction. 12-16)"
Her life already upended by her mother's short illness and death, Lina, 16, moves to Tuscany to live with the father she's never met. Read full book review >
KLICKITAT by Peter Rock
Released: April 12, 2016

"Brooding, evocative, mysterious; a tale for mature readers to dig into—and then discuss. (Fiction. 14-18)"
Vivian, 15, who struggles with anxiety, feels her older sister, Audra, 17, a strong-willed free spirit, pulling away from her; before Audra vanishes, she promises Vivian she'll come back for her. Read full book review >
GOLDEN BOYS by Sonya Hartnett
Released: April 12, 2016

"Sophisticated teen readers will be wowed by this gorgeous, tension-filled novel, but its more natural audience may be adults. (Fiction. 13 & up)"
The arrival of two wealthy boys to a working-class neighborhood brings the strained intensity present in both theirs and another home to a boil in this latest from Hartnett, first published in 2014 for adults in her native Australia. Read full book review >
DREAMOLOGY by Lucy Keating
Released: April 12, 2016

"Formulaic teen romance decorated with science-fiction mishmash. (Romance. 13-16)"
When Alice starts at a new high school, she finds the boy she's been dreaming of her entire life. Read full book review >
Kirkus Interview
Marilu Henner
April 26, 2016

After they’d been dating only a short while, and as they were falling in love, Marilu Henner and Michael Brown were hit with the ultimate bad news: Michael was diagnosed with cancer. Refusing traditional care, they pieced together a personal and holistic view on battling his cancer, all while forging an unbreakable bond. In this moving and informative book, Marilu pulls back the curtain on how they dealt with the blow. She relates her holistic perspective on health—including the superfoods, exercises, and immunotherapy they used to fight back—and why a diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end of romance or of a happy and fulfilling life. “An inspiring love story wrapped in a serious call for new ways to treat disease,” our reviewer writes. View video >